• Rahmatu Lawan Mene ne ma'anar wannan karin maganar: Sai bango ya tsage, kadangare kan shiga.
    Feb 6

  • Maryam Sarki Abubakar BENEFITS OF CHILD BIRTH SPACING Birth Spacing is the practice of waiting between pregnancies. A woman’s body needs to rest following pregnancy. After having a baby, it is a good idea to wait at least 18 months before getting pregnant again to maintain the best health for her body and her children. The 18-month rest period is called “birth spacing.” When the time between pregnancies is less than 18 months, her body may not be ready to have a healthy baby. CBS (Child Birth Spacing) is an intervention to help women and families delay or space their pregnancies to achieve the healthiest outcomes for women, newborns, infants, and children, within the context of free and informed choice, taking into account fertility intentions and desired family size. Individuals and couples should consider health risks and benefits along with other circumstances such as their age, fecundity, fertility aspirations, access to health services, child-rearing support, social and economic circumstances, and personal preferences in making choices for the timing of the next pregnancy. Child birth spacing have impact in both newborns, infants and children under five years, mothers, fathers and even the communities. Also the benefits for infants, newborns and children under five years include, reduces the risk of Pre-term births, low birth weight, small size for gestational age, and, in some populations, stunting or underweight conditions, reduces the risk death for newborns, infants, and children under age five and allows young children to experience the substantial health benefits of breastfeeding for longer periods. Mother also benefits from CBS which gives them more time to prepare physically, emotionally, and financially for their next pregnancy, if they choose to have one, it also helps them avoid pregnancy-induced high blood pressure and associated complications like preeclampsia, obstructed and prolonged labour, iron-deficiency anemia, and maternal death and provides them with enough time before becoming pregnant again to focus on their newborns, husbands, and other children. Benefits of CBS to fathers, it helps them safeguard the health and well-being of their wives and children, allows them time to plan financially and emotionally for their next child, if the couple chooses to have one and contributes to a father’s sense of satisfaction from supporting his wife in making decisions that are in the family’s best interests. CBS benefits communities because it reduces the incidence of death and illness among mothers, newborns, infants, and children and in doing so, it can contribute to poverty reduction and improve a community’s quality of life. In general the benefits of healthy CBS include baby can be born at the right time and have a healthy weight, baby can develop well because Mother can give lots of attention to the baby, Mother will have more energy and be less "stressed out", Mother will have more time to bond with the baby, future babies will be healthier because Mother's body had enough time to replace nutrient stores before getting pregnant again, Children who are adequately spaced are better prepared to begin kindergarten, and perform better in school, Mother has more time to spend with the child and the child receives more attention and assistance with developmental tasks, Families have more time to bond with each child, Parents have more time for each other, Parents can have time to themselves and Families can have less financial stress.
    May 22, 2017

  • Lawan Dalha Ya Allah ka bamu albarkan da ke cikin wannan rana, ka kuma kare mu daga duk sharri na Shaidan. #JummaaMubarak
    Jan 25

  • Abubakar Suleiman Katsina SALAM BARKAN MU DA DARE
    Feb 4

  • Kamaluddeen Kmc Encyclopedia Inayiwa mutanen Wannan social media fatan alheri. Dafatan yan uwa da abokan arziki suna cikin koshin lafya ameen.
    April 14, 2018

  • Abdallah Ahmad ????????MALAMAN HIKIMA SUNCE???? Idan Kana Son Kaga Yadda Duniya Take Bayan Mutuwarka, To Ka Kalle Ta Bayan Mutuwar Waninka...! Idan Ka Lura Da Yadda Masoya Suke Mancewa Da Masoyansu Matattu, To Lokacin ne Zaka Tabbatar Da Cewa Mafi Soyuwar Masoyanka Zasu Mance Da Kai Bayan Mutuwarka, Ko Kuma Duniyar Ta Shagalantar Da Su Daga Barin Tunawa Da Kai... Saboda Haka Ka Sanya Dukkan Rayuwarka Ga Allah, Shine Kadai Bazai Mance Da Kai Ba, Ka Kyautata Alakarka Da Allah, Shine Kadai Baya Karewa Har Gaban Abada. ????BARKA DA WARHAKA????
    May 10, 2018